Service Above Self

“Service Above Self” is the motto of Rotary International, the world’s oldest and largest service club. The first week of April I was privileged to visit Pass Christian Mississippi, Fontana’s Sister City, with my fellow members of the Fontana Rotary Club along with several members of the Fontana Police Department. Pass Christian was 90% destroyed by hurricane Katrina. Several of the members of our team brought their children with them to help and learn the lessons of what “”Service above Self” means. I was extremely impressed with the young daughter of one Police Officer who raised $1400.00 before the trip to help buy school supplies for one of the schools that was destroyed. This is the third year that we have had the opportunity to go to the Gulf Coast to assist with the disaster recovery from Hurricane Katrina which occurred August 29, 2005.

The above is just one example of the meaning of “Service Above Self”. I believe this is the standard all elected officials should be held to. There is an old saying “talk is cheap”. When selecting a candidate for public office, look at their record of service and accomplishments.

An elected official is responsible for making public policy and serving the people. Check the record. Have they made sound public policy decisions? Is the community better off as a result of those decisions? Most importantly are they serving YOU or themselves?

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